Last Minute Gifting? We've got christmas well covered. Order right up until 22nd December*


Yes, it's getting to that time of year again where we all work too hard and probably party too hard, coming up to the silly season and a well earned break. Problem is that most of us didnt have much time to do out christmas shopping yet .... again!

Well don't panic, we've got your christmas well covered at Ambient Lounge Australia.

Give the gift of designer comfortAll of our bean bags covers & beans come in beautiful gift packaging, great for giving under (or more like next to) the 2015 Christmas tree. Choose from our beautiful outdoor bean bag range that now includes Gold Class solution dyed fabrics. What better way to chill out during the holidays and enjoy the sunshine than on one of these deluxe designer bean bags. For lovers of Home Cinema, gaming and entertainment, our world-class interior bean bags have structure, intenal elastics and stunning interior fabrics to make them sit and feel like real furniture.

Give someone you love 5 star living that keeps on giving with the ambient lounge collection. Order up till 4pm 22nd December to make sure of your covers coming in time for Christmas day. * (Our beautifully packaged beans need to be ordered prior to 10am 15th December to guarantee delivery so please be quick if you want the cover + Funnelweb filling on Christmas day).

Backyard Bliss. Ambient Lounge will have a Gold Class Sunbrella range this summer in Australia


Ambient Lounge are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with world renowned outdoor fabric manufacturers - Sunbrella USA - to design and produce the world best outdoor bean bags, perfect for harsh Australian conditions. The fabric itself not only has the highest UV protection rating but is guaranteed for 5 years*.

Our production team have been testing them last Aussie summer... and they are next level.

Made in our unique Gold Class premium styles such as the Butterfly Sofa, Versa Table and Avatar -  this range will be released for the Australian summer in three beautiful (soft and comfortable) new fabric options that can be used both in contemporary extreior settings and interiors alike.

Our Ambient Lounge Sunbrella series are not just waterproof bean bags; they are pieces of designer furniture and objects of rare beauty.

Premium retailers, House designers, architects, Spa and Hotel owners and commercial managers take note. This stunning new range will be limited this season to a small amount of pieces so to please pre-book. To get a sample of these fabrics, please give us a call on 1300 707 121.

Aussie Outdoor living just got better with the Ambient Lounge sunbrella collection. Reserve yours now.

* Fabric guarantee by manufacturer Sunbrella

Creating your own epic & comfy Ambient Lounge? How easy is this? To fill, just zip & tip.


Remember the bad old days of filling bean bags? Oh thats right, those bad old days still exist if you are a customer of those soul-less  mass merchants... (aka Target, Kmart, Spotlight, Big W etc.) beans everywhere, terrible quality fabric, large beads that flatten easily, hours of cleaning and hauling all of your beads through crowded shopping centres. A low quality experience all round. 

We are not even in that league. Ambient Lounge gold class bean bags are real furniture. Made from real premium fabrics, with internal elastics, thick quilting and our patented zip & tip filling system. We deliver to your door and make designer lounging experience quick and easy... so you can get on with important stuff - like Chilling out.

Just zip and tip. No mess, quick and easy... still scarred from your previous 'bean bag' experience and don't believe us? Take a look below ;) Enjoy!


Creating your own epic & comfy Ambient Lounge? How easy is this?

Posted by Ambient Lounge on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thanks for the memory (foam) ...the Wing Ottoman is coming!


At Ambient Lounge, we might be experts at relaxation - but we also know how to innovate. Our design team are 'working' tirelessly on making your lives less tiresome and more beautiful.

So like the fine Australian wine that combines the grape varieties, we have fused together two technologies in furnite to bring you the latest, most awesome accesory.

Behold the Wing Ottoman - available from mid July in Australia.

It's made from memory foam, foam and bean bag filling. It's multi-functional and can create all sorts of lounging possibilities. It's designed to go with your Gold Class range, especially the Butterfly Sofa - but also looks pretty amazing with the Twin Couch and Avatar.

There will be limited stocks of the Wing Ottoman mid year release so reserve yours now by calling 1300 707 121.

Stay tuned for more information closer to launch - but check our our sneak 'family' preview here.



We are family.... The Wing Ottoman is coming.

Posted by Ambient Lounge on Tuesday, 23 June 2015

For our Butterfly Sofa lovers, the Wing Ottoman is coming ....


The new Ambient Lounge Wing Ottoman is possibily the Cleverest Ottoman ever designed. Available from mid winter, it features a  lush & removable memory foam cushion that creates all sorts of super-comfy & stylish home lounging possibilitie. It is the perfect versatile companion for your matching Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa and also looks fab. with Twin Couch, Avatar Sofa & Versa Table.

1.     Fill the Wing ottoman base quite firmly with beads using the Patented Funnelweb filling system

2.     Zip on the Memory Foam Cushion to use as a comfy footstool for your Butterfly

3.     Zip off the Memory Foam Cushion to use as a Comfy padded seat or backrest for your Butterfly Sofa

4.     Makes a Great cush. for your tush.

5.     Place as a back cushion up to create a beautiful & luxurious Butterfly backrest 




The Wing Ottoman is coming... Ahhh memory foam feels so damn good! #memoryfoam #thanksforthememory

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Winter Bliss is a Home Cinema, hot coffee and an Avatar Sofa


It's winter in Australia soon and the nights are getting longer, the days a little darker and we're donning the beanies and the heavy jackets and dreaming of what we'll be doing later this summer. Some of us love it, some not so much... but whatever the weather noout at home and watching a great movie with your own home cinema or living room.

If you want a true Gold Class experience at home, forget boring sofas - get yourself an Ambient Lounge Avatar Sofa - designed especially for better, weighless home cinema. Ambient Lounge is designed by Australians and the biggest brand of designer bean bags globally.





Take the weight off your work week. Aubergine Dreaming on the Ambient Lounge Avatar full-body lounger is bliss.

Posted by Ambient Lounge on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

From Russia With Love - Ambient Loungin' Aussie style in Moscow & St. Petersbourg


Ambient Lounge is proudly Australian designed but taking it to the World. From Copenhagen to Calgary or all the way to St Petersbourg in Russia  - the world is loving this new premium contemporary bean bag furniture - uniquely made with our Aussie innovation elastic system & Funelweb filling.

Despite what the political news says - our friends over there is Russia are loving the chill out Aussie style. The A Lounge is the leader in contemporary loungin' on te Moscow and St Petersbourg A-list scene. So it's not just a big chill outdoors! 


Home Cinema Never Looked So Epic


Want to make your Home Cinema Big in comfort... Get the Gold Class experience at home everyday with the Avatar bean bags by Ambient Lounge

Our 2015 New Year's Resolution - Relax More. Enjoy our Leisure time... totally unwind on weekends and holidays. Tick


We Aussies all seem to be working harder and longer these days. How did the old 9-5 workday suddenly turn into 8-8? 

Trying hard to squeeze in excersise, eating, kids and we don't seem to get too much time to ourselves.

Fight back.

We think it's time for all Aussies to get a little back for ourselves in 2015. After all we are the nation that coined the "no worries" ethos.

So let's make a 2015 New Year's resolution to enjoy our hard-earned leisure time and grab those precious moments to fully unwind on the weekend or our holidays.

A glass of wine on the balcony? A good movie? An afternoon powernap...

All possible on our Ambient Lounge designer bean bags. Gold Class interiors or all-elements outdoor bean bags? Treat yourself - it's a small price to pay for a much-earned pleasure and leisure time.

Bring on 2015!

- Call our Friendly Ambient Lounge Australia Team ph: 1300 707 121



Last minute shopping? No worries... still time for Christmas COVER deliveries at Ambient Lounge + Free Moonlight Cinema Tickets


Still looking for that awesome last-minute gift for under the family tree on Christmas day?

No worries - you (and your loved ones) can relax! Ambient Lounge will send all orders for our designer bean bag covers on 24hr service right up until 23rd December.

So you've still got time for christmas giving ... just ...

Not only will they receive lovely Ambient Lounge bean bags (the gift of designer comfort) but we will include a free Moonlight Cinema Ticket with every bean bag purchased - as a big seasonal bonus. Movies and designer bean bags nicely packed and presented. What more can they want?

For premium gift ideas. Check out our award-winning Gold Class range here.

Free Moonlight Cinema with Ambient Lounge bean bags


We realise speed is of the essence. So will be sending the Ambient Lounge Covers Only on a special 24hr Australia Post service up until 23 December with full tracking service. Our friendly Ambient Lounge will be working right up until Christmas eve to assist you with your deliveries and orders.

For deliveries we are only as good as our 3rd party Australia post - but they guarantee a 24 hour delivery on those special packages - so all items in normal circumstances your gift should safely arrive on time for christmas. (However we highly recommend for getting your order in this weekend so we can send on the monday batch and giving an extra day buffer).

It's important to clarify that today (19th December) is the last day we can send orders for bean bag filling until the New Year break. Our bean supply staff need a break. However we will be sending our bean bag covers from our Ambient Lounge warehouse all through the season. Our normal bean filling service will commence after the new year holiday.

"Can i still order beans over the christmas break?". The answer is "yes". It just means your order for the bean filling  will arrive at a later date than the covers - early in the new year.

We can deliver the beans directly to your loved one's address so soon after the break they will be able to fill thir lovely gift.

Any questions? Still a little unsure? Sure - we're here to help. Please give our friendly team a call on 1300 707 121 and we'll sort it through with you.

Most of all have a happy and safe Christmas from the Ambient Lounge Australia team.