Extra Large Luxury indoor/outdoor Pet Bed

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Ambient Lounge® Pet Lounge™ – Large (dark grey)

Put your canine on cloud 9 with one of these premium doggie loungers; designed by dog lovers and their dogs. Our Australian panel of dog experts all know that their pets sleep and lie in a circle, so they need a circular shaped bed. With the comfort of the lush faux fur (arctic wolf) cover, your pampered pooch can curl up indoors, sink in and drift off in peace. It's a dog's life indeed! For those dogs that also have an outdoor sleeping life, you simply unzip the top cover and voila, you have a waterproof outdoor bean bag thats easy to scrub clean & is chew resistant. Made with our special internal elastic system, the Pet Lounge™ allows your dog to curl up and feel secure with the soft surface and the outer walls. As used by the guide dog's association of Australia, they are ideal for all medium to very large sized dogs such as Golden Retriever, German Shephard, Border Collie, Doberman, Labrador, Saint Bernard, Greyhound, Irish Husky etc.

Order now and we gaurantee to dispatch a bed for your pet or "cover only" next business day to any city of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe

  • Carry handle and lightweight design
  • Contoured Piping
  • Funnelweb (Zip & Tip) Compatibility
  • Removable premium faux fur cover
  • Rounded with high walls and sunken sleeping area for doggie comfort/security
  • Safety Locking YKK Zip
  • Soft
  • Vent system for fabric breathability and comfort
  • Waterproof & chew resistant base
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels
Ambient Lounge
Pet Lounger

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